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A Debt of Gratitude

When we first moved to this neighborhood from downtown Oakland, we were dismayed to find no DSL, and no digital cable. Our neighbors too were champing at the bit for high speed Internet access. As part of my job, I have had high speed access at home since 1996 and I lasted with a modem for all of a week.

After paying astronomical sums for slow IDSL (ISDN disguised as DSL), I started researching T1's and wireless. I had had wirless access in our house for a couple of years, but places like were showing me that I might be able to cover the neighborhood.

A few short months, but many pulled hairs, later the T1 was in, my first four customers were on, and things were going well. Without the huge number of people around the world also building the same kinds of networks I might never have attempted it. We all came up with something different, but we all learned from each other's trial and error along the way.

So, I would like to thank all the people who were trying to build long distance wireless networks in 2001 and took the time to post their experiences online. In this section and on the Propellerheads Technical page you will find my contributions back to this community.

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